Winter Storage of Zero Motorcycles

There is a right way and a wrong way to store your Zero electric motorcycle over the winter, or really anytime you are not planning to ride it for an extended period. Here at Piston Society moto shop, we’ve seen people do dumb things. Mostly, not reading the owners manual. Like the guy last year who put his SR/F into a cold shed over the winter and then in March, wondered why the battery was dead and it could not be charged. You must maintain your batteries or they will go bad.

Now, we could give you some general advice here, such as charge it to about 60% (or ride it down to 60%) and take it off the charger when storing it for an extended period. Check the levels every 3-4 weeks and recharge to 60% if you get down to 30% or less. But, this assumes you have kept your firmware up to date. I know some crazy people have never updated their firmware on their bikes and the older bikes may not have this “Hibernation Mode” built in. (so get it updated!!!) Since Zero continues to do R&D on battery health and maintenance, they occasionally change their advice on how to maintain them. So, to ensure you are following their current best practices, check out their online owners manual.

Zero SR/F Model
2021 Zero SR/F model starting at $19,495 – $2000 in tax credits

The instructions are found in each bike model’s Owners Manual, which can be found on the Zero Motorcycles public website. To make it easy, I’ve included hot links below.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we are happy to help.

Model Year 2022

2022 FX, FXS, & FXE – pp. 6.33

Model Year 2021 +

2021 FX & FXS – pp. 6.29

2021 SR/F – pp. 6.38

2021 SR/S – pp. 6.38

2021 S, DS, SR, & DSR – pp. 6.27

Previous years & models can be found in the pull-down on the Owner Resources page here.

We currently have a 2021 Zero SR/F and 2021 Zero S model demo bikes in our shop at discounted rates as we make room for 2022 models. And you can get up to $2500 back in IRS tax credits. Come kick the tires or take a demo ride today! We know you’ll love these fun and thrilling motorcycles. Delivery is available!

And if you are already an owner and looking for parts and accessories, check out or call us for anything you may need. We ship to all 50 states in the USA. And offer professional installation at our Cincinnati Ohio location.