Best Time To Enjoy An Electric Motorcycle – 21 Demo Sale

21 Zero S model 7.2

Our shop is now full of the new 2022 Zero motorcycles so we are discounting our remaining 2021 demo models.

We currently have a 2021 Zero SR/F 14.4 and 2021 Zero S 7.2 model demo bikes in our shop at super low prices. And you can get up to $2500 back in IRS tax credits (or up to 30% if Biden’s Build Back Better bill is passed by Congress). Come kick the tires or take a demo ride today! We know you’ll love these fun and thrilling motorcycles. Touchless Delivery &…

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Winter Storage of Zero Motorcycles

2021 Zero SRF model test ride

There is a right way and a wrong way to store your Zero electric motorcycle over the winter, or really anytime you are not planning to ride it for an extended period. Here at Piston Society moto shop, we’ve seen people do dumb things. Mostly, not reading the owners manual. Like the guy last year who put his SR/F into a cold shed over the winter and then in March, wondered why the battery was dead and it could not be charged. You must maintain your batteries or they will go bad. …

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Incentives: Up to $2500 in EV Tax Credits From The IRS

Up To $2500 off in tax credits

EV tax credits are back! In a surprise move, Congress approved and the president signed a retro active tax credits for 2018/2019 and new 2020 tax credits at the very end of the 2019 congressional session (Dec. 20th) which allows you to get 10% back on the purchase price of a new Zero motorcycle and up to 26% back on charging equipment for your home! The max credit on 2-3 wheel vehicles is $2500.
To claim the credit, you can file Form 8936 along with Form 1040. If you bought a qualifying vehicle in the past 3…

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Zero Motorcycle Try It – Buy It Promotion $500 off!

Try It. Buy It.Get $500 from Zero Motorcycles.

Discover the Thrill of Electric
Ride the industry’s most advanced tech. Experience asphalt shredding torque. Seamless, silent and pure, the 2018 lineup will shift your perception on motorcycling.

Visit us for a test ride. After your ride, Zero will give you $500 towards the purchase of any 2018 Zero.

Ends July 31st.*

For Test rides, bring your motorcycle license, proof of insurance and proper riding gear.


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