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The 2020 Models are in our shop and on Sale: Come schedule a test ride and check them out. Up to $2800 off our floor model demo bikes. Bigger and longer lasting batteries equals longer riding distance. The 10% EV Tax Credits are back saving you big money! And the new EV charge tanks let you recharge 6 times faster! – And financing is always available to make it easy to go ride! Who Is Zero Motorcycles?


The once a year clearance sale helps us move along our 2020 Zero motorcycles to prepare for the 2021 models coming late in the year or early 2021. There is no better time to buy a New Zero with a few demo miles on them at a great price. 

Models on our Floor right now include:
2020 SR/F Red Premium – Save $2800
2020 SR/S Grey Premium with hard cases – Save $2800
2020 DSR 14.4 (Black/Gold) with $1000 off with this demo sale!  
2020 S 7.2 (Blue/Silver) with Charge Tank – Save $1100! 
2018 FX 7.2 with BarkBusters installed – Save $1215 
Plus add a 10% rebate from the IRS!!!  

Other models such as the FXS can qualify if we get them from another dealer, just ask us for details.  Call 513-277-0300

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We have a 2018 demo model FX with 7.2 Kwh battery & Barkbuster hand guards at our shop with $750 off .  Come check out this great deal and the new 2020 models!

All new bikes are ordered direct from Zero and take 7-10 days to arrive. This way you get the latest tech updates with real-time inventory management. Or you can buy our demo bikes off the show room floor with limited miles and light wear. Base prices do not include freight, assembly, documentation or taxes. 

See The Full Specs At www.zeromotorcycles.com

Call us today to schedule a test ride 513-277-0300

Incentives: EV Tax Credits From The IRS

EV tax credits are back! In a surprise move, Congress approved and the president signed a retro active tax credits back to 2018 and new 2020 tax credits at the very end of 2019 congressional session (Dec. 20th) which allows you to get 10% back on the purchase price of a new Zero motorcycle and up to 26% back on charging equipment for your home! The max credit on 2-3 wheel vehicles is $2500.
To claim the credit, you can file Form 8936 along with Form 1040. If you bought a qualifying vehicle in the past 3 years and you did not claim it on your tax return, you can still get the credit by filing an amended return.
As an added bonus, an additional tax credit was approved which covers electric motorcycle chargers (e.g., Zero Quick Charger) with a 30% tax credit up to $1,000.
Credits are based on the final bill of sale price for the motorcycle (including configuration accessories and additional batteries purchased on the same invoice, less taxes, fees and registration). If the product was discounted, the tax credit applies to the discounted price.

This is big savings making today a perfect time to buy a Zero Motorcycle from Piston Society Motorcycle shop. Come take a test ride today!

Reference links: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/incentives/

Special Promotional Discounts / Incentives: 

Are you active Military, First Responder, Recent MSF grad, MSF Instructor?

Zero would like to introduce Zero Motorcycles First Responder and Military Veteran Purchase Program. Qualifying Military and First Responders will receive an incentive of $500 for S, DS, SR & DSR models or $250 for FX & FXS models at the time of purchase.  Cannot be combined with other sales promotions but CAN be combined with the IRS EV tax credit (up to $2500). 


Who Is Zero Motorcycles?

Crafted in California USA

American made Zero motorcycles are designed and built in California using top quality components such as Showa adjustable suspension, Pirelli tires and ABS brakes.  Zero celebrated ten years of operation in 2016 and produce the world’s best electric road bikes. Each model has a two year warranty and have a 5 year warranty on the custom designed lithium-ion batteries.  They can charge with a standard wall outlet or with an electric vehicle charger.  Range on some models is as high as 202 miles on a single charge.  Charging times vary based on model but can be as short as 1 hour for a full charge with charging accessories.  This American made line of bikes are sure to put a smile on your face when you put your butt on our bikes!

Financing Available
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See The Full Specs At www.zeromotorcycles.com

Get The Zero App For Your Smartphone

All Zero Motorcycles model year 2013 and later are equipped with Bluetooth capability. This allows you to connect your motorcycle with a mobile device. Now you’ll be able to customize your ride and see real-time performance statistics straight from your motorcycle.



Where Can I Charge An Electric Vehicle?


For more information on Zero Motorcycles or to learn more about its complete motorcycle line, including the Zero SR/S, SR/F, Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, Zero DSR, Zero FX, and Zero FXS motorcycles, visit www.zeromotorcycles.com.

View the range of police/authority and military models at www.zeromotorcycles.com/fleet/.