New Blog Series: Places To Ride

We often get asked: “Where can I go to ride around here?” Often, this is by new riders or people who have just moved here or are visiting and have no idea of the local landscape. All they know are the interstates that brought them here. If we’ve had our morning coffee, we may be able to rattle off a few ideas for them… but what if we could have a repository for those days when we’re less caffeinated than we should be. And wouldn’t it be even better if we could share a GPS / GPX file with the Piston Society at large… well now… that’s a good idea! Share the love. Share the road and help your fellow motorcyclist find joy.

So, this is the first blog post in the series that will share some of our favorite routes. Please, comment or email us your favorite routes to share. We are looking for Street & Dirt, Long and Short, hyper local and regional to Cincinnati Ohio motorcycle routes. If you’re not a tech person, share with us a written description of the route or a quality photo of the route on a paper map. Heck, you could even be a guest blogger here on our site.

The Basics: We are a big fan of REVER as a smart phone app for tracking and planning routes. And we also like dedicated GPS devices such as Tom Tom’s motorcycle specific Rider 550, Garmin, etc. which allow you to import your final route GPS file (usually a GPX file or KML format). We also find that its better to plan & create your own route on a PC using, TomTom’s My Drive app, Garmin Basecamp app, Guru Maps, or similar apps that give you more ability to draw out a route. Then you can export that route as a file or in some cases like REVER / TomTom / Garmin, you can save it to the cloud and it will also get pulled down to your GPS device or smart phone app. (send us your GPS files to share).

RIDE: Cincinnati to Rabbit Hash Loop

This is a local favorite that gets you out of downtown Cincinnati and onto country roads really quickly. You’ll go south along the river and past the airport towards the gentle farmlands of Kentucky. Arrive at the small river town of Rabbit Hash Kentucky where there is an old General Store, BBQ restaurant (sometimes), wine shop and more (not much more). This town is famous for electing animals as their mayor. Currently its a local dog. Ask about it while sitting at a park bench along the riverside. Then follow the river road out of town and loop back to Cincinnati via Burlington KY, and then down to Route 8 along the river as it winds back to downtown Cincinnati. Modify the start and end points depending on where you are starting. And there are a few points on the return trip near Burlington where you can bail out and get on the interstate if you need to cut it short and get back home.
Total Time is about 2.5 hours, 77 miles
Update: We have heard that in the spring of 2021 the section of Rt. 8 along the Ohio River may be under construction. Please be careful and let us know what you find.

Enjoy and tell us how you liked the ride!

GPX file created in and can be imported into your own app of choice. Or go to our REVER community page at: and simply add it to your favorites or planned rides of your own REVER account.

Turn By Turn GPX (click to download Zip file)
Route Line Only GPX (click to download Zip file)