Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Didn’t Piston Society Rent Motorcycles?
A: No.
Well, Yes, for two + years we were your local rental provider.  However, a large rental chain moved to town in 2018 and the Walmart effect has hurt that aspect of our business.  So with regret we decided to close down the rental business.  We may be coming back with smaller moped rentals in the near future. Keep an eye on our social media and web site.

Q: Is Benelli motorcycles & scooters an Italian company?
A: Yes and No.  They have been headquartered in Pesaro Italy since 1911 and still are today.  They have a nice museum, design center and administrative staff there.  But in 2005 they were bought by one of the world largest vehicle manufacturers in China (they make bikes for Harley Davidson, cars for Volvo, etc.).  So designed and managed in Italy, built in one of China’s biggest and best facilities.  See their YouTube channel for fun content.

Q: Who owns Piston Society
A: As of June 1st, 2022, Piston Society is owned by Metro Scooter LLC in Cincinnati.  The previous owner, Electronic Art LLC was run by Tim Burke and while he still consults for Piston Society… Seth from Metro Scooter now runs and calls all of the shots.  As of December 2022, the downtown OTR location moved to consolidate with their Metro Scooter shop location. Expect the same great service and a broader selection of goods and motorbikes.  And with the added resources of Metro Scooter, we now offer tire service, and other repair work that we could not previously provide.  Great things are coming!