New Product: Acme2Moto Panniers and Luggage

We’ve all seen a lot of hard case luggage for our motorcycles.  Some are really well made and others are flimsy or not very functional.  Meet the Acme2Moto top loading polypropylene panniers and waxed canvas luggage inserts. A truly well made, well thought out set of cans for your adventure bike or vintage touring bike. Made in the USA. They come with a set of universal mounting plates to mount to your existing racks (or most any third party rack).  Waterproof, impact resistant, top loading with locks and tie down anchor points.  For the rider who likes to put on a lot of miles, these are perfect for the long excursion.

And you can add the waxed canvas and leather luggage inserts or messenger bags. Quality materials, large volume luggage you could use separately or as part of the overall hard case setup.  Proudly made in North Carolina

Come see our samples mounted to our 2018 Zero DS dual sport model motorcycle. One of the few options for Zero motorcycles other than Givi.

See the line-up in our online store at: 

For Zero motorcycle owners, see our Givi side racks.