Moto Black Friday Sale


Come in on Black Friday for our biggest sale of the year!  Our Black Friday savings range from 10%  to 50% off select brands.  We’re even dealing on new and used motorcycles.  We are opening at 10AM and will have food and drink available.

We match our competitors pricing on gear. And you’ll get bigger savings in-store than online.

The first 10 customers get a free “Lil Buddy” Disc Lock to secure your motorcycle!  These durable chrome locks secure your bike from being rolled away!  A $21 dollar value FREE! *

Disc Lock

FREE Locks

Also get $1300 off the 2018 Zero FX or  $2000 off our 2018 DS model Zero motorcycles demo bikes in the shop.  We’re also dealing on our SSR Buccaneer 250cc v-twin motorcycles and Benelli TNT300/600 motorcycles.  Come visit to learn more or check out our web site.

Hurry while the sale lasts!  Just in time for the holidays! Or Shop Online!

We match our competitors pricing on gear.