Demo Bike Discounts on Zero Motorcycles

Its been the best sales year ever for Zero motorcycles.  Its great to see an American company doing so well.  When traditional new motorcycles sales are down, electric motorcycle sales are up 30% this year.  Adoption of the new fun tech is happening and Zero is offering discounts on the remaining demo bikes to help get you on an electric motorcycle.

Power Through 2018 Demo Bike Discounts:  Starting Aug 1st, Zero is giving an instant rebate on remaining 2018 models.  The bikes we have in stock include:

2018 DS with 13.2 Kwh Battery & Charge Tank option (EV Charger) and BarkBuster hand guards, Givi side case racks – Save $1850
2018 S model with 7.2 Kwh battery and extra storage compartment – Save $1000  (SOLD)
2018 FX model with 7.2 modular battery & BarkBuster hand guards – Save $1000
Call us today to schedule a test ride 513-277-0300

Zero Motorcycle Promo Save BigWe have limited inventory at the Zero warehouse of other models.  The above only show the demos on our showroom floor.  Call Tim and check on inventory of other models you may be interested in.

Details at  and also see our Electric Motorcycle page at: