New Winter Hours 2022

Starting this week, Nov 15th 2021 we will be open Wednesday through Saturday. If you need something outside of our regular hours, email us for an appointment and Tim will meet you at the shop.

Winter Hours are:

Wednesday 11am – 6pm

Thursday 11am – 6pm

Friday 11am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

And these are in effect until further notice but likely until March 15th or April 1st…

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Product Review: SENA 50R / 50S Bluetooth Communicators

SENA 50R 50S Product Review

Check out Chris’s review of the new SENA 50R and 50S bluetooth motorcycle communicators.
Chris reviews the new SENA 50R / 50S and walks you through what’s good & bad. After real world ride testing, Chris reveals his pet peeves about the new 50R and Mesh 2.0 as well as what has improved. This is an un-paid review, we bought the 50R Dual Pack product with our own money.

We are dealers for SENA. Come…

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