Summer Is Heating Up. Stay Protected Cincinnati!

revit-cayenne-pro3With this week’s temps in Cincinnati expected to be in the mid 90’s with “feels like” temps over 105… you may be tempted to ride in shorts and flip flops.  But with REV’ITS Cayenne Pro jacket and trousers you can stay protected and get maximum air flow.  These are their most ventilated offerings and perfect for beating the summer heat.

The Cayenne Pro jacket offers 100% airflow thanks to the strong single-layered mesh outer shell. Protectors in a mesh suit often block airflow, hindering your comfort at key points. The…

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Rent A Motorcycle And Ride With Dennis Hopper

When you rent a motorcycle from Piston Society you have the option to rent a Tom Tom RIDE motorcycle GPS.  And now, Tom Tom offers celebrity voices for the GPS guidance. Imagine Dennis Hopper from the movie Easy Rider telling you to turn the hell around!  Or Marge Simpson whispering sweet nothings in your ear honey!
Check out the fun audio samples on Tom Tom’s web site HERE

We also sell Tom Tom Rider GPS devices in our online store for your own motorcycle.  Buy online at  and plan your own thrilling ride!

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Touch Enabled Gloves

We just received a shipment of Touch Enabled Gloves by Rev’IT including the Monster 2 and the Mantra H2O (waterproof) leather gloves.

revit_mantra_h2_o_gloves_black_detailThe Mantra H2O by Rev’IT: A beautiful, basic and waterproof leather glove specifically designed for city riders. Made from goatskin and featuring a PU-injected knuckle, Temperfoam® and double leather panels make this motorcycle glove with the level of safety desired by city riders—blending in perfectly with everyday fashion. At $99 its an easy way to stay dry and safe.
An integrated visor wiper and “connect fingertips” make your life on a bike easier….

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Our First Motorcycle Rental Customer!

Above, you see a photo of our very first motorcycle rental customer heading out for a ride with his local buddies.  He is from Solon Ohio but enjoying some of our area roads with friends.  Today he rented the BMW R1200GS motorcycle which eats up the highway miles.  Enjoy brother!

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