Incentives: Up to $2500 in EV Tax Credits From The IRS

EV tax credits are back! In a surprise move, Congress approved and the president signed a retro active tax credits for 2018/2019 and new 2020 tax credits at the very end of the 2019 congressional session (Dec. 20th) which allows you to get 10% back on the purchase price of a new Zero motorcycle and up to 26% back on charging equipment for your home! The max credit on 2-3 wheel vehicles is $2500.
To claim the credit, you can file Form 8936 along with Form 1040. If you bought a qualifying vehicle in the past 3 years and you did not claim it on your tax return, you can still get the credit by filing an amended return.
As an added bonus, an additional tax credit was approved which covers electric motorcycle chargers for your home (e.g., Zero Quick Charger) with a 26% tax credit up to $1,000.
Credits are based on the final bill of sale price for the motorcycle (including configuration accessories and additional batteries purchased on the same invoice, less taxes, fees and registration). If the product was discounted, the tax credit applies to the discounted price.

This is big savings making today a perfect time to buy a Zero Motorcycle from Piston Society Motorcycle shop. Come take a test ride today!

Zero SR/F Model
2020 Zero SR/F model starting at $19,495 – $2000 in tax credits

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