New Fall / Winter Hours 2021/2022

Starting this week, Nov 15th 2021 we will be open Wednesday through Saturday. If you need something outside of our regular hours, email us for an appointment and Tim will meet you at the shop.

Winter Hours are:

Wednesday 11am – 6pm

Thursday 11am – 6pm

Friday 11am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

And these are in effect until further notice but likely until March 15th or April 1st…

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Winter Storage of Zero Motorcycles

2021 Zero SRF model test ride

There is a right way and a wrong way to store your Zero electric motorcycle over the winter, or really anytime you are not planning to ride it for an extended period. Here at Piston Society moto shop, we’ve seen people do dumb things. Mostly, not reading the owners manual. Like the guy last year who put his SR/F into a cold shed over the winter and then in March, wondered why the battery was dead and it could not be charged. You must maintain your batteries or they will go bad. …

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New Blog Series: Places To Ride

We often get asked: “Where can I go to ride around here?” Often, this is by new riders or people who have just moved here or are visiting and have no idea of the local landscape. All they know are the interstates that brought them here. If we’ve had our morning coffee, we may be able to rattle off a few ideas for them… but what if we could have a repository for those days when we’re less caffeinated than we should be. And wouldn’t it be even better…

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