Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be to rent?
You must be at least 25 years old to rent a motorcycle with Piston Society with a Valid Motorcycle License. There is no age limit for passengers, however the passenger must be able to reach the passenger foot pegs or floorboards of the bike.

Q: Do I have to use your insurance?
Yes, daily insurance is required for everyone via our provider online at $15 per day at time of reservation. The limits of liability insurance provided are the minimum limits required by Ohio compulsory or financial responsibility law.  You are required to carry insurance on the rental motorcycle via your own auto or home insurance plan. There is No Vehicle Insurance Coverage provided by Piston Society to the Rental Customer (only the coverage from our provider and your own insurance). Please bring a copy of your automobile insurance card with you at the time of pickup.

Q: Can I increase the minimum insurance?
Yes, we highly recommend you add the Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) at $6.95 a day to ensure you have enough coverage for damage to other vehicles up to $10K or other persons up to $300K. And if you don’t have medical or accidental death insurance on yourself, also add the PAI / PEI coverage for $5.95 per day.  See PDF promo or visit MBAMotorcycle.com

Q: What is your cancellation Policy?
A: If you cancel 30 days before your reservation is scheduled we will give you a full refund. If you cancel 29 days to 7 days before your reservation you will forfeit 50% of your rental.  If you cancel 6 days to 2 days before your reservation you will forfeit 75% of your rental and if you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled reservation you will forfeit the entire amount of your rental, unless specified under that of the “Reservation Cancellation Protection” guidelines (see the Terms & Conditions page). No refunds on early returns. No refunds due to weather.

Q: Can I add additional riders to my rental?
A: Yes, 1 additional rider is permitted at for $20 daily. The minimum age for an additional driver is 25 and a valid motorcycle license is required.

Q: What is included in the rentals?
A: All of our rentals include a complimentary DOT Approved 3/4 helmet (open face) for rider and passenger. In some cases a full-face helmet may be available, subject to availability at the time of pick-up. All rental motorcycles also come equipped with one cable lock and disc brake lock for added security and peace of mind while traveling. All popular touring models are equipped with saddle bags for storage, but sizes vary due to make and model. Additional motorcycle storage bags that attach to seat backs are available for purchase.

Q: Can you deliver the bikes to my hotel, home or other location?
A: Absolutely. We offer motorcycle delivery and pick-up for individuals and groups. Please contact us for a detailed quotation. These services carry an additional cost that will vary due to number of bikes, location, seasonality, or other factors, and are subject to availability of motorcycles and staff.

Q: Can a customer drop off a motorcycle after hours?
A: Unfortunately,  No. We encourage our customers to return their rental bikes during business hours in order to close out their reservation and avoid any damages or additional charges that may occur when a motorcycle is unaccounted for.

Q: When do I need to pay for my rental?
A: Motorcycle rental reservations are paid in full at the time of booking via our online tools. If a motorcycle upgrade is requested and available during pick-up, or if you would like to add or upgrade your Supplemental Liability Insurance, or include a GPS or other items while you are at our location you may do so. If you need to cancel your reservation we can issue you a Rain Check that may be redeemed towards a future rental or retail gear. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive review of our cancellation policy.

Q: How does the security deposit work (Credit card authorization)?
A: A security deposit of $1000  will be required when you are picking up your motorcycle. The security deposit will be held against the available balance on your credit card. Once your motorcycle is returned on time and free of damage the security deposit will be released. Bring your credit card when picking up your rental or you cannot receive the bike.

The Security Deposit is an ‘Authorization Only’ onto a major credit card meaning the funds must be available for hold but is not processed against your account unless required per Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement.

Q: Does Piston Society provide orientation on my rental motorcycle?
A: Yes. Once you complete your quick rental check-in at our location one of our team members will provide a comprehensive orientation of your rental motorcycle. The orientation will include a thorough damage and safety inspection, as well as detailed instruction on features, engine starting and cutoff procedures, location of braking, turn signals, emergency flashers, saddle bags, cable and disc locking procedures, location and storage of the motorcycle registration, and much more. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your motorcycle before you start your journey.

Q: What happens if I get a flat tire?
A: First and foremost, make sure that your motorcycle is parked a safe distance from the shoulder of the road if you are not able to stop in a secure area. We provide a free 24 Hour breakdown telephone number you can call for assistance.  We also recommend you join the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), a membership is inexpensive and includes roadside assistance.  Visit http://joinama.com/  for more information.

Q: What is your policy on fuel?
A: All of our motorcycles are presented with a full tank of fuel at the start of your rental, and should be returned with a full tank of fuel as well. If your motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel you will incur a refueling charge. In order to save time and the hassles of refueling immediately prior to returning your motorcycle, Piston Society offers a convenient Prepaid Fuel Option that can be selected during your booking process or at our Rental Counter during pick-up.

Q: Do you rent GPS devices?
A: Absolutely. We offer Tom Tom motorcycle specific GPS units for rent. If you want us to handle most of the planning for you, our GPS Route Specialists can pre-program your route, or one of our local tour routes into your GPS unit for a small additional charge.

Q: Do You Provide Helmets?
We have a small inventory of DOT full face helmets available as part of your rental.  We also have new helmets for sale.

Q: Can I ship you my personal gear for use during the rental?
Yes, we can receive your personal gear such as helmets, jacket, pants, boots, gloves, etc.  When you set up your rental just let us know, we’ll give you shipping instructions and we’ll hold it until you arrive. We can even help arrange to ship it back home, wherever that may be.

Q: Do You Offer Jackets, Pants, Gloves and other accessories?
DOT helmets for riders and passengers are included with your motorcycle rental. In addition, we have a motorcycle gear and accessory showroom stocked with the latest styles of helmets, gloves, jackets, riding glasses, and everything else you will need for the perfect ride. If you are traveling from overseas be sure to take advantage of current favorable exchange rates by purchasing all of your new riding gear at Piston Society.

Q: Do You Close For Winter?
Yes, we halt the rental service for winter in October and re-open for rentals in April.  Our retail shop and Zero Electric motorcycle dealership remain open year round.



Q: What kind of license is required to rent?
A valid motorcycle license or endorsement from your state of residence is required. In Ohio there is a special test (both written and driving) to receive your license.
* Temporary learners permit is NOT sufficient to rent motorcycles. *
This page from the state of Ohio BMV gives all the details: http://bmv.ohio.gov/dl-mo-motorcycle.aspx and we highly suggest taking a “Basic Rider Course” from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the state of Ohio. In Cincinnati, those can be taken at most of the Great Oaks locations.

International: We take a valid driver’s license from your home country stating that you’re allowed to ride a motorcycle equivalent to the motorcycle you are renting. Please note that the state laws of which you are renting your vehicle from (Ohio) are the laws which are applicable for your rental.

Here are some examples of alternative licenses that we accept:

Licenses issued from the European Union (Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden):

  • A1/A2 – Will allow you to rent scooters.
  • A – Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.

Licenses issued from Canada:

  • Class 6 designation – For all provinces except for Ontario
  • Ontario
    • Class M1/M2: Will allow you to rent scooters.
    • Class M: Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.
    • Class M Condition M: Will allow you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses issued from Australia:

  • R-Date – Will allow you to ride scooters.
  • R – Will allow you to ride motorcycles or scooters.

Licenses issued from Brazil:

  • Category A – designation on your driver’s license to ride any motorcycle or scooters.

International Driver’s Permits (not required for Piston Society):

  • Although not required, it is recommended for all visitors with a license in a foreign language to obtain an IDP.
  • So long as your license is understandable, we will accept it.